Sludge treatment

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Draco® filter presses are designed for optimal dewatering of sludge from industrial or municipal wastewater. They are characterized by high efficiency (possibility for 24 hours of work), reliability, minimal maintenance costs and specific closed construction that prevents the spread of sludge around the equipment during operation and contact of the treated material with the drive parts of the installation. The inserted elements are made of carbon steel, stainless steel and fibreglass, all treated with a different surface coating that protects the filter press from potential corrosion. The high degree of dryness reduces the costs of managing the produced sludge during their disposal or subsequent use. The different models of filter presses offer a wide range of options in terms of size and number of filter plates. The standard sizes are: 470 x 470, 630 x 630, 800 x 800, versions in sizes 1,000 x 1,000 and 1200 x 1,200 are also possible.

Automatic filter press

The automatic filter press is the most advanced model in the Draco® range, which performs the full cycle of sludge dewatering automatically. The model is equipped with a hydraulic group, air circuit for blowing sludge, safety systems, shaking the shaft to help sludge fall out, drainage chute, emergency stop and flange connections.

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Semi-Automatic filter press

The semi-automatic Draco® filter press features a hydraulic system for closing the filter package, which is controlled by a joystick, and is also equipped with an air circuit for sludge purge, safety systems, drainage chute and flange connections.

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Manual filter press

The manual filter press is the simplest model in the Draco® range, it has a pump with a manual lever to control the system for opening and closing the filter package, an air circuit for blowing sludge, a drainage chute, side protection plates and flange connections.

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