Preparation and dosing plant

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During the process of industrial and urban wastewater purification, in addition to the treatment with dissolved air (flotation), to support the flocculation process (formation of larger particles) it is necessary to make dosing of chemical reagents. These chemicals must be diluted with water, matured and only then added by dosing pumps to the flotation equipment. The offered reagent preparation equipment is fully automated, requires minimal installation space and allows them to be efficiently and seamlessly added to existing installations.

Lime addition silo TDC

The TDC® lime addition silo is made of stainless steel, has a conveying screw, a vibrating device and a compressed air supply system to prevent clogging of the system and a measuring device that detects the presence of lime and prevents the screw from working without material. The offered equipment is specially designed in order […]

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Sludge conditioning tank TAF

The TAF® sludge conditioning tank is made in a cylindrical shape of fibreglass-reinforced polyester, equipped with a mixer, systems for measuring minimum (prevents operation of the mixer in the absence of sludge) and maximum (prevents overflow of sludge) level and measuring tape which allows visual control of the content. The process taking place in the […]

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Automatic Poly-electrolyte preparation and dosing plant PAPE

The PAPE®  automatic station for preparation of emulsified poly-electrolyte is automated equipment for preparation and dosing of liquid polymers, which allows reducing the time for their maturation. The offered equipment consists of the main tank made of polyester reinforced with fibreglass, a mixer to achieve the optimal concentration of liquid polymer, two dosing pumps, one […]

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The PAP® automatic poly-electrolyte preparation stations

The PAP® automatic poly-electrolyte preparation stations allow the preparation (mixing with water), maturation and dosing of the granular poly-electrolyte to be performed automatically in a continuous and easy way. The offered equipment consists of a funnel for adding poly-electrolyte, the main vessel, a mixing tank, a mixer and a dosing system. The funnel for adding […]

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