Physico-Chemical treatment

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The proposed equipment for physico-chemical treatment is used in the treatment of industrial wastewater, its separate or combined use helps to consolidate, coagulate, float and remove various solids dissolved in wastewater. The use of this type of equipment is aimed at the effective treatment of essential wastewater flows with a minimum in volume equipment, as well as the preparation of chemical additives necessary for this.


Dissolved Air Flotators (DAF) are equipment for efficient physico-chemical removal of undissolved substances from wastewater. Their name derives from the ongoing process of "flotation", in which, under the influence of dissolved air, pollutants form "flocs" and float which leads to their removal from the surface scraper. The great variety of the offered flotation systems with dissolved air allow a wide range of treatments of different types of wastewater.

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The tubular flocculator is equipment that serves as a supplement to the series of flotators, increasing their efficiency, productivity and facilitating wastewater treatment. All models are equipped with reagent and polyelectrolyte addition points, sampling taps, PEHD pipes, stainless steel support and height adjustment system.

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Preparation and dosing plant

During the process of industrial and urban wastewater purification, in addition to the treatment with dissolved air (flotation), to support the flocculation process (formation of larger particles) it is necessary to make dosing of chemical reagents. These chemicals must be diluted with water, matured and only then added by dosing pumps to the flotation equipment. The offered reagent preparation equipment is fully automated, requires minimal installation space and allows them to be efficiently and seamlessly added to existing installations.

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