Compactor Screw

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The Defender® compactor screw is an equipment that can perform several functions in the process of removing solids from water in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, incl. transportation, dehydration (reduction of moisture content of separated solids) and compaction (reduction of their volume). Advantages of the offered equipment are its easy installation, high performance, high reliability (design preventing contact of the treatment material with the drive parts), easy access for maintenance, high transport power and construction of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.

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Rotary Screens

The Defender® rotary screens are designed to remove solids transported by the water which must be treated so it can be avoided the obstruction and mechanical problems in the aftercoming equipment. These devices are self-cleaning, automatic propelled and they filter the wastewater through a filtration drum made of a grid or perforated mesh with different apertures of 3.0 to 0.15 mm depending on the type and amount of solids. Their installation in wastewater treatment plants of settlements can allow the replacement of primary sedimentation tanks, ensuring the elimination of coarse sands and up to 30% of the fats. The offered equipment is easy to operate due to the fact that the treatment stream enters through a flange located on the outside of the drum and is distributed evenly by an overflow over the drum filter. The solids are retained on the surface of the drum as it rotates and the inflow water passing the drum in both upper and bottom sides performs as cleaning function. When passing through the external scraper, the solids are separated from the net and fall off by gravity. The Defender rotary screens are divided into several models depending on the diameter of the filter drum and the flow rate:

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Grit classifiers

Defender® grit classifiers are used in the second phase of pre-treatment of raw water to extract suspended solids (gravel, sand and mineral particles). The purpose of the treatment with the offered equipment is to prevent clogging of the channels and pipelines, to protect the rest of the equipment in the installation from abrasive impact and to alleviate the load in the operation of the next treatment facilities. The grit classifiers consist of a chamber for entering the raw water (made of polyester, reinforced with fiberglass (FRP) or stainless steel) and a hollow chute with an installed screw that captures, retains and transports solid particles. Advantages of the offered equipment are its easy cleaning and maintenance, convenience for inspection through a hatch, design preventing problems with congestion and air tightness and high efficiency (removes up to 97% of sand particles up to a diameter of 0.15 - 0.2 mm).

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Conveyor Screw

Defender®  screw conveyor  are made of stainless steel,  which consist of housing in chute form and a screw built into it. They are used in many sectors and activities such as measuring and dosing, storage and transportation. The offered conveyors are distinguished by a design excluding the presence of an internal central half-pipe, which helps […]

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