Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

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Chemical and pharmaceutical industries: There is great variability in the process waters of these industries depending on the used raw materials and the production technologies. Colours, additives, biodegradable organic content or inhibitors are present in the various categories. In addition, they can be highly corrosive, so materials specially adapted to the operating conditions are used in the production of the equipment. The offered equipment has been successfully applied in oil and gas treatment plants, sugar factories, biodiesel production plants, fertilizer plants, paint factories, etc. and has been successfully installed on sites in the municipalities of  Etropole and Ruse.

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The PAP® automatic poly-electrolyte preparation stations

The PAP® automatic poly-electrolyte preparation stations allow the preparation (mixing with water), maturation and dosing of the granular poly-electrolyte to be performed automatically in a continuous and easy way. The offered equipment consists of a funnel for adding poly-electrolyte, the main vessel, a mixing tank, a mixer and a dosing system. The funnel for adding […]

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pH correction

pH measurement is one of the most important chemical values, its determination and control is a standard activity in many industrial applications, including water treatment and purification. The desired pH level in the neutralization process can be adjusted by adding solutions of acidic and alkaline substances (bases).

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Automatic filter press

The automatic filter press is the most advanced model in the Draco® range, which performs the full cycle of sludge dewatering automatically. The model is equipped with a hydraulic group, air circuit for blowing sludge, safety systems, shaking the shaft to help sludge fall out, drainage chute, emergency stop and flange connections.

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