Complex service

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With the purpose of client complete care and it's total lack of commitment to the working process of the wastewater treatment plants, we offer a complex service including:

* Consultation and assistance in preparing the documentation required to obtain a permit for the discharge of treated water.
* Designing
*Monitoring and preventive maintenance of equipment operations, including checking the pump settings, blower and plant automation operation, checking excess active sludge and its possible need of removement from the treatment facilities;
* Removal of accumulated excess sludge;
* Replacement, installation and commissioning of non-working machinery and equipment (after the expiration of the warranty period of the equipment);


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Modular WWTP 30-1000 PE

“Biomod” type wastewater treatment plants are modular facilities for treatment of household-faecal wastewaters. The used purification process includes biological treatment, sedimentation and disinfection of wastewater, and aerobic stabilization of excess active sludge. The advantages of the offered equipment are its compact size, low construction costs for installation, easy operation due to process automation, a small volume of excess sludge, as well as the ability to easily increase their capacity (30-2000 PE). Due to their high-efficiency treatment, “Biomod’’s are an ideal solution for the treatment of wastewaters formed in residential buildings, holiday settlements, hotels and small settlements, which could not be connected to the centralized sewage system. The possibility of underground installation, the absence of odours and the low noise level during the operation of the treatment plants allows their positioning in green areas in the immediate vicinity of the site of wastewater formation.

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Industrial water treatment

Water treatment for the following industries:
- Meat extraction and processing
- Milk processing
and others.

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