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In the process of water purification, the finest particles dissolved in the water do not settle while the water is at rest, as they are negatively electrically charged and repel each other. In order to achieve a better effect of their removal, chemical treatment is used. In this method, positively charged substances are introduced into the water, which enter into a chemical reaction with those dissolved in water and form aggregated neutrally charged compounds. The agglomerations thus obtained in the form of large flocs are rapidly deposited, and in the presence of stirring of the liquid the effect is higher. This process is called coagulation-flocculation, and the substances used are called coagulants. The choice of the optimal coagulant for a particular water to be treated is determined on the basis of laboratory tests.

Ferrous trichloride

Ferrous trichloride is a reddish-brown, liquid, highly corrosive substance with an active ingredient based on trivalent iron and a concentration of about 12% Fe3 +, which is used mainly in the treatment of industrial water for coagulation and hence reducing levels of COD, BOD5, Undissolved and extractable substances, and removal of phosphorus and ammonium. The […]

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Ferrous sulphate

Ferrous sulphate is a coagulant with an active substance based on trivalent iron. The product is widely used for efficient treatment of domestic and industrial water due to its stability compared to other iron salts, its lower corrosivity compared to other similar chemicals (eg ferric chloride) and the fact that it does not require special […]

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Aluminium sulfate

Aluminium sulfate is a coagulant based on trivalent aluminium active compounds which can be used in drinking and wastewater treatment, calibration in paper production and many other industrial activities. The product through its action helps to effectively reduce the levels of BOD5, COD, Insoluble Substances and sludge volume. The use of aluminium sulfate in water […]

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Aluminium poly chloride

Aluminum poly chloride (PAX) is an effective coagulant suitable for drinking and wastewater treatment. The product through its action helps to effectively reduce the levels of BOD5, COD, Insoluble Substances, Phosphorus and sludge volume. Aluminum poly chloride is effective for use in all types of water (even at low temperatures), in relatively low doses and […]

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