About Us

West Water Ltd. is a company offering its customers comprehensive services in the field of wastewater treatment and sludge formed in the process of treatment.
The variety of services offered by us allows us to accept as the subject of our work all the needs of the client arising from the moment of building his investment intention, incl.:
Consultations and assistance in the preparation of the documentation necessary for obtaining a permit for discharge of treated water
Delivery and installation of complete system solutions or separate machine-technological equipment necessary for the operation of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
Execution of chief installation and commissioning of WWTP
Performing warranty and post-warranty support
Consultations on the selection and use of additional reagents necessary for the operation of WWTPs and their delivery
The long-term practice of our engineers, as well as the established practices of our partners from Toro Equipment, Spain with 25 years of experience worldwide and 10 years of presence in Bulgaria allows us to offer a wide range of proven technological solutions installed in many projects in the country and abroad.
In the development of our technical solutions we always show an individual approach tailored entirely to the needs of the client, we orient our offers to minimize construction costs, maximize the use of the site designated by the client to position WWTP and reduce electricity consumption and reagents in process.