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The offered equipment allows performing a number of activities related to mechanical treatment of wastewater, including: compacting, transporting, dewatering and mixing of undissolved substances and / or sludges. Compacting screws (augers),  serve to compact and dehydrate retained solids, transporting screws assist the transfer of retained substances to their collection point, and mixing screws allow the homogenization of various materials (most often sludge and lime).

Compactor Screw

The Defender® compactor screw is an equipment that can perform several functions in the process of removing solids from water in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, incl. transportation, dehydration (reduction of moisture content of separated solids) and compaction (reduction of their volume). Advantages of the offered equipment are its easy installation, high performance, high […]

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Conveyor Screw

Defender®  screw conveyor  are made of stainless steel,  which consist of housing in chute form and a screw built into it. They are used in many sectors and activities such as measuring and dosing, storage and transportation. The offered conveyors are distinguished by a design excluding the presence of an internal central half-pipe, which helps […]

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Mixing screw

Draco® mixing screws are used for additives with high transport  (0.3-10m3 / h) and mixing capacity due to its double internal system (two screws) made of stainless steel. The advantages of the offered equipment are its efficient operation, the small area required for deployment and the low maintenance costs.  

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